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Carer Benefit Advisory Group

Role of the group

The Carer Benefit Advisory Group was set up in November 2015 to advise Scottish Ministers on developing policy for social security benfits for carers.

The group advises on:

  • the evidence base to support policy decisions
  • carer user and stakeholder engagement
  • fit with the emerging policy landscape
  • interaction with wider Scottish and UK social security benefits


  • Ellen Searle, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Fiona Collie, Carers Scotland
  • Heather Noller, Carers Trust
  • Suzanne Munday, MECOPP
  • Peggy Winford, Scottish Government Carers Branch
  • Nicola Dickie, COSLA
  • Trish Brady-Campbell, Scottish Government
  • Alison Leighton, Scottish Government
  • Nicola Smith, Scottish Government
  • Liz Davidson, Scottish Government
  • Roisin Connolly, Highland Carers Centre
  • Paul Traynor, Carers Trust
  • Carole Jones, Social Work