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Consumers and Markets Taskforce

Role of the group

The Ministerial Taskforce on Consumers and Markets is a key element of a more proactive approach by Scottish Government to place consumers at the heart of Scottish policy-making.

This Taskforce was established to provide Scottish Ministers with strategic advice on priorities and actions relating to consumer and market issues in Scotland, promoting a culture of strong partnership, intelligence sharing and constructive challenge.

Keith Brown MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work will chair this Taskforce.

The Taskforce will:

  • provide oversight on the development and delivering of consumer and competition policy that meets the needs of consumers and businesses in Scotland
  • provide a forum to evaluate evidence; disseminate best practice; and develop new and innovative approaches to represent and tackle the most persistent and detrimental consumer issues
  • prioritise current and emerging consumer and market issues based on agreed criteria
  • agree on an annual basis a number of priority issues for action; identify the outcomes it will achieve and how these will be measured
  • establish an appropriate mechanism to engage with relevant stakeholders and experts to develop and implement a programme of work around each priority issue
  • oversee the progress of work on identified priorities while also ensuring any new or emerging issues are considered and prioritised as needed
  • report on an annual basis on the outcome of its work and future identified priorities


The first meeting of this group will take place on 8 February 2018.


  • Arianna Andreangeli
  • Jo Armstrong
  • Sonia Brown
  • Liam Delaney
  • Brendan Dick
  • Phil Evans
  • Peter Freeman
  • Susan McPhee
  • Shabnum Mustapha
  • Fiona Richardson