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Grouse Moor Management Group

Role of the group

The Grouse Moor Management Group was established in November 2017. It will examine how to ensure that grouse moor management continues to contribute to the rural economy while being environmentally sustainable and compliant with the law. The group will recommend options for regulation including licensing (this would likely require primary legislation) and other measures which could be put in place without new primary legislation.

We may also refer specific topics to the group that might be considered as part of its work.


  • Professor Alan Werritty (Chair)
  • Alexander Jameson
  • Professor Alison Hester
  • Professor Colin Reid
  • Professor Ian Newton
  • Mark Oddy

Specialist advisers

  • Dr. Adam Smith
  • Dr. Calum MacDonald
  • Professor Des Thompson
  • Susan Davies


  • Karen Rentoul