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National Child Sexual Exploitation Group

Role of the group

The National Child Sexual Exploitation Group will work with us to implement the national action plan to prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation, and also to develop proposals for policy and practice improvement in relation to the action plan within the wider context of child sexual abuse.

It is accountable, in the interim, to the Scottish Government's External Advisory Group under the Child Protection Improvement Programme, and will also provide updates at Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPC Scotland) meetings.

The group's key aims are to:

  • strategically oversee the actions in the National CSE Action Plan
  • routinely review progress, in light of developed indicators and the group's objectives and annually report on progress, making recommendations for improvement when appropriate
  • share knowledge across CPCs and locally between services
  • raise awareness of the issues and build on local knowledge
  • promote understanding and expertise
  • coordinate information on research and developments in policy and training and models of working
  • act as a reference point for consultations or comment on CSE
  • formulate suggestions and proposals as to how improvements can take place within the wider existing and developing social policy agenda in Scotland
  • raise awareness through national professional networks


  • Alison Todd – Children 1st
  • Alison Wales – NSPCC
  • Anne Marie Stewart – CELCIS
  • Anne Neilson – NHS Lothian and chair of East and Midlothian Public Protection Committee
  • Anne Salter – Stirling CPC
  • Belinda McEwan – Renfrewshire
  • Caren Mclean – South Lanarkshire CPC
  • Cath Agnew – Care Inspectorate
  • Daljeet Dagon – Barnardo's
  • Deborah Gallagher – Scottish Government
  • Fiona Lornie – NHS
  • Fiona Stevenson – NSPCC
  • Kathryn Dawson – Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Katrina McDonald – Scottish Government
  • Kevin Mitchell – Care Inspectorate
  • Linda Thomson – Women's Support Project
  • Lisa McCloy – COPFS
  • Liz Owens – Glasgow CP team
  • Margaret Wilson – NHS Lanarkshire
  • Moira McKinnon – Glasgow / Chair of Argyll and Bute CPC / Chair
  • Monica McGeever – Education Scotland
  • Paul Rigby – University of Stirling
  • Phyllis Smart – NHS
  • Ross Drummond – Perth and Kinross CPC
  • Ruth Friskney – Barnardo's
  • Ruth Sills – Children 1st
  • Sarah Taylor – Police Scotland
  • Viv Boyle – Fife CPC
  • Wendy Mitchell – Head of Nursing, Performance and Strategic Management