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Drug Seizures by Police Scotland 2013-14

Published: 27 Oct 2015 09:30
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Scotland's Chief Statistician today published Drugs Seizures by Police Scotland, 2013-14. The publication provides information on drug seizures made by Police Scotland in 2013-14.

There can be considerable fluctuation in the quantities of drugs seized over time and the quantities seized do not necessarily move in line with the number of seizures made. Whilst most drug seizures consist of relatively small quantities (usually possession related crimes and offences), annual quantities of drugs seized can be greatly influenced by a small number of large seizures (usually trafficking offences and crimes).

In 2013-14 there were approximately 5,500 seizures involving a Class A Drug. Within this, Police Scotland reported seizing 142.8 kilograms of heroin (compared to 80.4 kg in 2012-13) and 124.3 kg of cocaine (281.3 kg in 2012-13).

There were approximately 21,200 seizures involving a Class B Drug. Within this, Police Scotland reported seizing 504.9 kg of amphetamines (compared to 92.9 kg in 2012-13) and 66.8 kg of mephedrone (9.1 kg in 2012-13).

The quantity of seizures of cannabis fell between 2012-13 and 2013-14, from 615.0 kg to 452.7 kg for herbal cannabis and from 1,707.0 kg to 367.8 kg for cannabis resin. The number of cannabis plants seized fell from just over 41,000 to just over 23,000.

In 2013-14 there were approximately 3,300 seizures involving a Class C Drug. This included the seizure of over 1.2 million diazepam tablets compared to 532,100 in 2012-13.

A review into how drug seizure data is collected and how this statistical series can best add value to users, will be undertaken before the next publication. Users can be kept informed about these developments through registering with SCOTSTAT:

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