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Dundee Waterfront

Published: 18 Jan 2016 11:00

Waterfront infrastructure to be completed ahead of schedule.

Dundee's £100 million Central Waterfront infrastructure plan will be completed ahead of schedule and on budget, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed today on a visit to see progress first hand.

The Central Waterfront infrastructure plan - which includes the Slessor Gardens, a new road layout, access to the Tay road bridge and preparatory works for the creation of fully serviced development sites - is part of the £1 billion transformation of Dundee's eight kilometre Waterfront Project.

The original infrastructure plan was due to be completed by the end of summer 2016 but is now on track to be completed by the end of February.

The wider Dundee Waterfront project is now well past the halfway mark, with over £600 million already invested including £41.1 million from Scottish Enterprise. The project will create 7,000 new jobs and provide a wide range of new opportunities for young people seeking training and employment.

The First Minister said:

"The progress we have seen on this infrastructure work is a testament to good project management and support from the wider local community and businesses.

"Scotland has a proud tradition and enviable global reputation for engineering excellence, built on the skills and innovation of our people, making it an attractive location for business investment. The fact that this project is largely supported by local contractors, engineers and apprentices is something we should be proud of.

"This project itself has created hundreds of local jobs and contributes significantly to the regeneration of the city itself. I am delighted that the Scottish Government is part of transforming a post-industrial city into a centre for the creative economy with this ground-breaking development."

Councillor Ken Guild, Dundee City Council leader, said:

"We expect more private investment in the project, to the tune of £400 million over the next 10 to 15 years, as the surge in interest we are currently seeing from developers bears fruit.

"That will produce more of the jobs and prosperity we are seeking and it is pleasing to note that there have already been substantial community benefits resulting from the project.

"Our Central Waterfront is an exciting hive of activity as progress continues on a number of major projects, including V&A Dundee and the railway station."

Director of V&A Dundee, Philip Long said:

"V&A Dundee will be an international centre of design, sitting proudly right at the heart of the Dundee's Waterfront and symbolising the city's confidence and growing ambition in a very real and physical way. I am very grateful to the Scottish Government and our many supporters who are making the project possible.

"When the museum opens, we will inspire hundreds of thousands of visitors from far and wide with the remarkable story of Scotland's design heritage.

"Through world-class exhibitions, events and programmes, we want to show how design and creativity can be used to help others, to improve the lives of our communities and the success of our businesses, extending this country's reputation for innovation and enterprise."

Notes to editors

The project is being led by Dundee City Council, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government. The success of this long-term project, which commenced in 2001, is already starting to show with new buildings and businesses emerging and major attractions, such as V&A Dundee, promising great potential for the future.

The £1billion transformation of Dundee City Waterfront, which encompasses 240 hectares of development land stretching 8km alongside the River Tay, is a strategic, focussed and forward looking 30 year project (2001-2031) that is propelling the city to international acclaim. The area is divided into five focussed zones: Riverside; Seabraes ;The Central Waterfront, City Quay and Dundee Port.

The full infrastructure development is now on track to be completed by Spring this year.