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Extra information for parents

Published: 20 Jan 2016 10:40
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National Improvement Framework resource.

Parents will have access to the results of standardised assessments as part of a raft of information on their children's progress in school, Education Secretary said today.

Angela Constance was speaking to parents at Ardler Primary School in Dundee as she launched a document developed by the National Parent Forum of Scotland.

It provides information on how the National Improvement Framework will work and how parents and children will benefit.

In every local authority area, information will be gathered in a consistent way, using new national standardised assessments developed for the Scottish curriculum in reading, writing and numeracy in P1, P4, P7 and S3.

The information will be used by teachers to inform their judgement in the classroom and by parents, schools, local authorities and the Scottish Government to ensure that every child gets the right support at the right time.

Ms Constance said:

"Parents will have access to more information about their children's education and progress than ever before, on what they are doing well and where they might need extra help.

"The National Improvement Framework aims to raise the attainment of children, close the attainment gap and improve health, wellbeing and employment.

"The information that I am launching today with the National Parent Forum of Scotland is designed to explain this. It has been developed by parents for parents. They know what is best for their children, which is why we worked with them to develop the Framework, and will continue to do so - to create a truly excellent education system for all of our young people."

Iain Ellis, Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland, said:

"The National Parent Forum of Scotland are pleased that we could add to our list of Nutshells for parents by producing one around the National Improvement Framework. We hope parents will find it useful as it is intended to explain the bit about the Framework from a parent perspective. It is important that parents continue to be at the centre of this important development and they are recognised and supported as being crucial to raising attainment and closing the gap. Schools, local authorities and the Scottish Government need to demonstrate how they will do this going forward."

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