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First Minister's St Andrew's Day message

Published: 30 Nov 2015 00:01

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

"St Andrew, who is renowned as the "fisher of men', is a perfect embodiment of the warm welcome and kindness which we extend to all who come to Scotland.

"St Andrew spoke up for the less privileged. He was responsible for drawing attention to the existence of the loaves and fishes which eventually fed the 5,000. He championed the minority and saw that they were included.

"At this time, when the world is touched by terror and people are fleeing their homeland in search of peace, Scotland can draw from its patron saint and continues to be a place of safe haven.

"We are a nation which has welcomed and will continue to welcome many people from across the world over the years. From China to Poland, from Syria to India, people have brought their cultures and traditions to this country. Our communities have benefited and so has the richness of our lives, making Scotland the thriving country it is today.

"Let's use today, our national day, to reinforce that warm welcome."