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Fisheries funding delivering

Published: 4 Mar 2016 12:00

Fraserburgh reaps benefits of £18 million from EFF.

The £18 million funding from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) between 2008 and 2015 has benefited 142 projects in Fraserburgh and created 61 jobs, Richard Lochhead said today.

The Fisheries Secretary highlighted the benefits of previous funding and reminded local fishermen they can still apply for a share of the 2016 fund. Mr Lochhead made the call as he visited Fraserburgh harbour, who received £10.6 million from the fund for their harbour deepening project to improve operational efficiency and safety, and the mains power project to provide hook ups for vessels and additional capacity to harbour side processing businesses.

The following projects also received funding:

  • £3.6 million for processing and marketing
  • £1.9 million to create 113 fishing vessel modernisation projects
    £460,000 for Whitelink Seafood to help create a new shellfish processing facility

Mr Lochhead said:

"The fishing and aquaculture industries make a vital contribution, providing jobs and sustaining services, in many coastal communities around Scotland. The European and Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) provides funding to support fishermen, sustainable aquaculture, the processing sector and the communities that depend on them.

"This £18 million funding has enabled investment of nearly £30 million in Fraserburgh making a real difference to the fishing industry locally. This investment has resulted in some fantastic projects including the recent grant for the harbour which has modernised operations here.

"I would strongly encourage groups in the fishing and aquaculture industries to apply for a share of money from the European and Maritime Fisheries Fund."

Notes to editors

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