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FM in WWI commemoration

Published: 26 Sep 2015 00:01

Education events to remember those who fought in war.

Young people across Scotland are to learn about the impact the First World War had on their local communities and how it was the catalyst that changed life forever through a series of events lead by world-leading historians.

As part of a series of commemoration events people across Scotland will join together to reflect on the impact of the First World War, which claimed the lives of more than 100,000 Scots and left many more injured or disabled.

Of the 700,000 Scots who joined the forces, more than 100,000 died. Nearly every village, city and town in Scotland has some form of memorial displaying the names of their war dead.

Speaking ahead of a national commemorative event in Dundee to mark 100 years since World War One's Battle of Loos, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

"The First World War had a significant and broad impact on our nation and as the years pass it is vital that we continue to remember those brave men who fought in the war that was meant to end all wars. It's our duty to continue to tell these stories, to ensure each generation understands the human sacrifice made and the irreversible changes to society that still inform life today.

"No home, no school, no community in Scotland was left untouched by the devastating impact of the war, which remains one of the most brutal conflicts the world has ever seen.

"In communities like Dundee, which saw 30,490 men leave their homes to fight in the war, it is right that we take time to remember the sacrifices that they and their loved ones left at home made.

"Through these education events our young people will hear the stories of those who served in the war. In towns, cities and villages across the country there are memorials to remember those who fell during the conflict. Some of these memorials can be found in the least likely of places but I urge everyone to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of the war."

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