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Funding to spark business investment in the Arts

Published: 3 Feb 2016 11:30

£300,000 match funding helps arts organisations double their money.

New funding which matches business sponsorship of the arts pound-for-pound has been announced today by Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop.

The New Arts Sponsorship scheme encourages businesses throughout Scotland to sponsor the arts, benefitting Scotland's culture and our economy.

Ms Hyslop has announced £300,000 funding for the scheme in 2016/17, ahead of the scheme's tenth twenty-ninth Arts and Business Scotland awards ceremony in Edinburgh tonight.

The New Arts Sponsorship Scheme, run by Arts and Business Scotland in partnership with Creative Scotland, has received more than £3 million Scottish Government funding since it began in 2006, bringing in another £4 million - in cash and in kind – of business sponsorship for the arts and attracted nearly 450 sponsors to the sector.

One project supported by the scheme, Art in Healthcare, has brought 100 artworks to three hospitals in Fife, making the hospitals more pleasant for patients and staff.

Another brought a world-class performance of a new piece of music from Celtic Connections in Glasgow to communities across Shetland.

The first project to receive funding under the scheme ten years ago was the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Announcing the continued funding for 2016/17, Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said:

"The New Arts Sponsorship scheme encourages businesses to become involved in the arts, doubling the money arts organisations receive and bringing the arts to people all over Scotland.

"The £300,000 of funding I'm announcing today is likely to attract at least that much sponsorship again – with the £3 million we've given the scheme over the past ten years bringing in another £4 million in sponsorship - in cash and in kind – and attracting nearly 450 sponsors for the arts.

"Importantly the impact of this cultural activity has been widespread, bringing the arts to education, the environment, healthcare, older people, people with disabilities, tourism and young people.

"Against the backdrop of the UK Government's decision to make further cuts to Scotland's budget, we are doing all we can to protect Scotland's culture and historic environment, to ensure our diverse and world-class cultural scene and rich heritage continue to thrive.

"This scheme is a great way of doing that and I'm proud to announce further funding."

Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland, David Watt added:

"To date over £7 million has been leveraged into the cultural sector through the New Arts Sponsorship Grants programme since it began in 2006. This is a fantastic achievement and we're delighted the Scottish Government has announced further funding to allow us to continue facilitating new partnerships between the business and cultural sectors.

"Cultural activity should be at the heart of all communities throughout Scotland, and this programme is crucial in helping sustain a vibrant and thriving creative offering the length and breadth of the country."

Case study

Art in Healthcare received £10,000 funding from the New Arts Sponsorship scheme, matched with £10,000 sponsorship from Balfour Beatty. This allowed them to place a hundred works of art in three hospitals in Fife. One staff member said: "Had the art not been here it would have been very bland and empty… it's made a huge difference." A patient added: "The difference it makes is very positive." Balfour Beatty found that involvement in the sponsorship helped raise their profile in the local area after the hospital was built.

Case study

In 2013 Scottish Ensemble brought their performance of Seavaigers by Sally Beamish, alongside a number of coaching sessions, community performance and events, to Shetland. The project received £5,000 of sponsorship from Inksters, and the same from the New Arts Sponsorship scheme.

The Steering Group of Carnegie Hall – one of the residency locations – said:

"It has been a real privilege to host the Scottish Ensemble. We timed the reopening of the community hall to coincide with their visit and it has brought the community together in a significant way." The sponsors, Inksters, found it helped them raise their profile in Shetland.