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Higher Education governance

Published: 8 Mar 2016 19:30
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Bill to create more inclusive and transparent universities approved.

Every voice on campus will be heard on the governance of Scotland's higher education sector in future following the passing of the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill.

The Scottish Parliament has now voted for the Bill after its Stage 3 consideration, with the addition of a small number of amendments to ensure that the Bill has the full impact desired.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Angela Constance said:

"This is an important day for the future of Scotland's world class universities and their students. The passing of the Higher Education Governance Bill will ensure greater openness and transparency in the governance of these important and influential institutions.

"Every voice on campus will be heard as part of elections for chairs, or senior lay members, with staff, students and union representatives involved in the whole recruitment and election process. The historic role of rectors in those universities that have them will also continue.

"We have listened closely to stakeholders and interested parties over the course of the Bill's passage and made a number of amendments, both to clarify the Bill, and to make sure it has maximum impact in improving governance practice.

"Our higher education institutions are, and will remain, a great source of pride to Scotland. Our research work is known the world over and the student experience is of the highest quality. An enhanced voice on campus for those who may not have been able to contribute before can only improve the sector's standing.

"We have invested over four billion pounds in the Higher Education sector over the last four years and will continue to invest over £1 billion in our higher education institutions in 2016-17. Alongside ongoing work to ensure a university education is open to all, reforms to governance will keep our universities at the pinnacle of global education."