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Longannet supply chain event

Published: 31 Aug 2015 15:20

Meeting of businesses to discuss impact of Longannet closure.

Businesses affected by the planned closure of Longannet power station have outlined the scale of the impact on their companies.

Representatives of over 40 companies and unions met with Lonagannet taskforce members to suggest ways to mitigate the effects of the power station closing.

The outcomes from today's meeting in Dunfermline will help shape the Longannet taskforce's Economic Recovery Plan.

Business Minister Fergus Ewing chaired the meeting. He said: "The closure of Longannet next March has significant implications for the local and national economy and we are doing everything possible to support the many affected businesses.

"A key part of the taskforce's Economic Recovery Plan is to mitigate the effects on the supply chain.

"All of the businesses attending today face a loss of income and today was a chance to hear more about the specific impacts the closure will have. In addition, it was an opportunity for public sector bodies to set out the types of support available to help with skills, training and business development.

"This is just the start of a process of ongoing engagement with the business community. The range of constructive suggestions made today on what can be done will help shape the response of the taskforce to meet the needs of those businesses adversely affected by the closure of Longannet."


The Longannet taskforce remit is to bring together key partners to co-ordinate the development of a joint, multi-agency plan to mitigate the economic impacts of Longannet’s closure.

The taskforce will develop an Economic Recovery Plan to:

  • help ensure individuals employed at the site are supported, maximising each individual’s opportunity to secure alternative employment;
  • support the communities impacted by the closure;
  • mitigate the effects on the supply chain;
  • produce a masterplan for the long term future of the site, maximising the employment potential of the site; and
  • consider the economic infrastructure of the local area, to identify how to create sustainable employment in the longer term.