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Pledge for disabled people

Published: 3 Dec 2015 10:30

Remploy commitment on International Day of Disabled People.

Scotland's leading provider of specialist employment opportunities to disabled people is the latest company to sign up for the Scottish Business Pledge, Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi announced on the UN's International Day of Disabled People.

Speaking at the first annual Disabled People's Summit in Edinburgh, Mr Biagi revealed that Remploy has committed to implementing policies that boost productivity, recognise fairness and increase diversity.

The Scottish Business Pledge's nine components include paying the living wage, not using exploitative zero hours contracts, supporting progressive workforce engagement and investing in youth. Other aspects include making progress on diversity and gender balance, pursuing international business opportunities playing an active role in the community, a commitment to prompt payment and committing to an innovative programme.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act and the UN's International Day of Disabled People, the inaugural Summit will bring together 120 disabled people and organisations to raise awareness of the issues that still exist around independent living.

Mr Biagi said: "On this day which celebrates the rights and contributions disabled people make to society, I'm delighted to announce that one of its key employers Remploy has committed to the Scottish Business Pledge.

"With the Living Wage at its core, the Pledge covers issues such as zero hours contracts, investing in young people, pursuing innovation and internationalisation and progressing diversity. Signing up to the Business Pledge demonstrates Remploy's commitment to these values and to delivering them through future plans.

"This Government is committed to equality and we want to make sure that disabled people enjoy the same rights as non-disabled people. The first annual Disabled People's Summit is an opportunity to come together to discuss the rights of disabled people and how we can improve them, as we want to remove any barriers that may prevent them from living independently."

Beth Carruthers, Remploy Chief Executive said: "We are delighted to sign the Scottish Business Pledge supporting a fairer Scotland and enabling fairer work in Scotland. The pledge is aligned with Remploy's values and our mission to create an inclusive society.

"We encourage other businesses that we work with to sign the pledge and help to create more employment opportunities for disabled people in Scotland."

Notes to editors

The Annual Summit has been organised by Independent Living in Scotland (ILiS) project in partnership with the Scottish Government.

The Summit will help to identify the themes to be addressed by the Ministerial Advisory Group on Disability, which meets twice a year.

The Summit takes place during the consultation period on the Scottish Government's draft Delivery Plan on the UNCRPD and offers an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to explore the proposals and identify steps forward.

More information on the Scottish Business Pledge is available at:

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