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School statistics

Published: 9 Dec 2015 09:32
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Teacher numbers maintained and record numbers of children benefitting from better school buildings.

Pupil teacher ratios and the number of teachers in Scotland's schools have been maintained since last year, according to official figures published today.

The annual Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland publication also shows that record numbers of children are learning in quality school buildings.

Key figures in the publication also include:

  • The condition of the school estate continues to improve - 84 per cent of schools are in a good or satisfactory condition, compared to 61 per cent in 2007. This equates to almost 573,000 young people, up from 426,000 in 2007
  • 607 schools have been rebuilt or substantially refurbished over the last eight financial years
  • The number of teachers in Scotland in September 2015 was 50,717 FTE. The figure for last year was 50,720
  • The class size in primary schools is broadly the same as last year (23.4 compared to 23.3 in 2014)
  • The number of P1 pupils in classes of 26 or more is just 637, down by 96 per cent from 16,845 in 2007
  • The pupil teacher ratio is the same as last year at 13.7
  • A record proportion of probationer teachers (86 per cent) are in permanent or temporary posts
  • 96.6 per cent of three and four year olds are registered for early learning and childcare
  • Attendance is up – increasing from 93.2 to 93.7 per cent since 2007
  • The number of exclusions have dropped by 16 per cent (18,430 last year, down from 21,955)

Commenting on the statistics during a visit to Trinity Primary School in Edinburgh, Education Secretary Angela Constance said:

"We want our young people to have the best education possible. Having the right number of quality teachers in world class school buildings is a key part of that.

"Thanks to the action we have taken to secure agreements with every local authority and committing a £51 million funding package, the number of teachers and the pupil teacher ratio in our schools have been maintained at last year's levels despite an increase in the number of pupils.

"Today's statistics show that thanks to significant investment in the school estate, record numbers of our children, almost 573,000, are learning in quality buildings with 607 schools rebuilt or refurbished over the last eight years.

"We have also broadly maintained class sizes since last year and the number of P1 pupils in classes of 26 or more is down by a massive 96 per cent since 2007. Meanwhile almost 97 per cent of three and four year olds are registered to access our expanded early learning and childcare.

"Children are already benefiting from the action we have taken. Education in Scotland is a success thanks to this Government, but we know there is more to do. Through the National Improvement Framework, the £100 million Scottish Attainment Challenge, legislating to guarantee teaching time for children and other measures, we are committed to creating a world-class education system that helps all of our children to succeed. "