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Unaccompanied child refugees

Published: 28 Jan 2016 10:58
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Scotland is willing to continue to play its part.

Speaking in response to the UK Government announcement that the UK is to accept more unaccompanied child refugees from Syria, Minister for Europe and International Development, Humza Yousaf, said:

"While it is obviously good news that some of the most vulnerable unaccompanied young people in refugee camps bordering Syria will be brought to safety in the UK, this is not nearly enough and will do nothing to address the very pressing issue of the 26,000 young people estimated to now be in Europe.

"On 25th January, I wrote to the International Development Secretary, Justine Greening, in support of Save the Children's call for the UK Government to take 3,000 young people from camps in Europe. The Scottish Government will continue to urge the UK Government to do more to assist with the Humanitarian crisis on our doorstep and we stand ready to welcome and support our proportionate share of any additional refugees who come to the UK.

"Scotland is proud to have received nearly 400 out of the 1000 Syrian refugees under the Syrian Resettlement Programme between October and December 2015. The Scottish Government is working closely with local authorities and COSLA to assess regional capacity during the months ahead. Currently, we fund a unique to Scotland Scottish Guardianship Service which offers specific support with welfare and the immigration process to LAs and unaccompanied children. This service has accumulated a wealth of knowledge which would be invaluable to aid in the planning of services for the care and future wellbeing of this group of children.

"I urge the UK Government to do more and increase the number of refugees they are prepared to accept, I reiterate - Scotland is willing to continue playing its part."