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Veterans Training Programme

Published: 19 Nov 2015 10:30
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Economy, Education

Veterans Secretary visits Barclays in Glasgow.

Scottish Veterans Secretary Keith Brown today visited Barclays in Glasgow to learn more about how their ex-forces training programme supports veterans in Scotland.

Barclay's Armed Forces Transition, Employment & Resettlement (AFTER) Programme, supports Servicemen and women across Scotland with their transition into civilian employment after serving in the Armed Forces, and aims to highlight the economic value of highly skilled veterans to the corporate world.

Mr. Brown met with Sue Bomphray, Military Network lead for Barclays in Scotland, veterans currently within the programme, about to join the programme, and those who have successfully completed the programme and are now working across a wide range of roles within Barclays.

Scottish Veterans Secretary Keith Brown said:

"Our veterans have an immense skill set and breadth of experience that can be hugely advantageous to civilian employers. Bespoke programmes, such as Barclays AFTER Programme, which offer a range of mentoring, coaching and employment opportunities are crucial in helping ex-forces personnel make the transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life.

"I would encourage all employers to look at the positive contribution, experience and skills our veterans bring to civilian life and how they can help them to realise their huge potential."

Sue Bomphray, Military Network lead for Barclays in Scotland, said:

"Veterans have a wealth of experience and possess innate skill sets that make them a valuable asset in the civilian world. However, recent research commissioned by Barclays shows that too many businesses are failing to appreciate the commercial value that these individuals can bring to the workplace and as a result too many veterans are in employment that underutilises their skills.

"At Barclays, we're bringing in people with real talents, and we've really capitalised on the skills they have – leadership, discipline and the ability to solve complex problems. The take-up is more successful if you have a transition process like the Barclays AFTER Programme, because it gives veterans the opportunity to understand how best to translate their skills in a way that resonates with a commercial employer, but also signposts them to where the opportunities exist."

Notes to editors

Established in 2010, Barclays AFTER helps to address the issues faced by former, as well as current Service personnel – regardless of rank, Service or circumstance – in their transition into the civilian workplace. We recognise that ex-military have many innate skills sets that can be deployed very successfully in the commercial sector, but many veterans need assistance in translating their skills in a manner that resonates with a civilian employer and they are often unaware where the best employment opportunities exist. Barclays AFTER provides funding to its service charity partners to assist employment transition, transition support training and hiring opportunities. We also work collaboratively with other companies who are keen to employ veterans. Since its inception, Barclays AFTER has helped over 3,700 service personnel in the transition process and over 300 service leavers and veterans have been employed within Barclays.

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