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  1. NEWS

    15 Aug 2018 09:29

    More support for young people at risk of crime

    Funding for whole system approach.

  2. NEWS

    10 Aug 2018 00:01

    Improving victims' experiences of the justice system

    £1.1 million extra to reduce delays in sexual offences cases and improve communication with victims.

  3. NEWS

    11 Jul 2018 10:00

    Making the justice system more accessible

    Support for victims of crime and vulnerable adults.

  4. NEWS

    15 Jun 2018 09:30

    Hate crime reporting must continue

    Statistics on hate crime published.

  5. NEWS

    13 Jun 2018 08:19

    More pre-recording of evidence for criminal trials

    Improving support for child and vulnerable witnesses in justice system.

  6. NEWS

    07 Jun 2018 14:50

    Independent review of policing during Miners' Strike

    Impact on mining communities to be focus.

  7. NEWS

    24 May 2018 14:00

    New Chief Inspector of Prisons

    Wendy Sinclair-Gieben first woman appointed to post.

  8. NEWS

    23 May 2018 09:00

    Understanding victims' experiences

    Identifying improvements in the criminal justice process. 

  9. NEWS

    22 May 2018 14:22

    Police call handling

    Independent HM Inspector reports on improvements.

  10. NEWS

    15 May 2018 09:43

    Review of family law

    Prioritising children’s interests in family court cases when parents separate.

  11. Research publication

    30 Apr 2018

    Methods of conveying information to jurors: evidence review

    This review draws on international evidence from field studies which are undertaken with real jurors and simulated or ‘mock’ jury studies.

  12. Research finding

    30 Apr 2018

    Methods of conveying information to jurors: evidence review - research findings

    Research findings from the evidence review of methods of conveying information to jurors.

  13. NEWS

    19 Apr 2018 09:30

    Support for bereaved families

    Funding for new homicide service.

  14. NEWS

    10 Apr 2018 09:30

    Insights into key equality outcomes across Scotland

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  15. NEWS

    23 Mar 2018 10:24

    Scottish Police Authority appointees

    Seven new members to strengthen the Board.

  16. NEWS

    01 Mar 2018 10:30

    Supporting victims of rape

    Matheson announces £1.7m to extend advocacy service after successful pilot.

  17. NEWS

    27 Feb 2018 09:21

    Support for court users

    More vulnerable groups to be exempt from court fees.

  18. NEWS

    09 Feb 2018 09:22

    Prescription Bill introduced

    More clarity for creditors pursuing and debtors defending claims.

  19. NEWS

    25 Jan 2018 00:01

    Modernising powers of arrest

    New framework of police powers and duties.

  20. NEWS

    20 Jan 2018 11:30

    Action on sexual harassment

    Women need confidence in reporting procedures.