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Using data effectively

Data can be facts and statistics or lists of information collected together for reference or analysis.

We want to make non-personal data about people and businesses in Scotland easier to access and use. We will achieve this by publishing the data behind all official statistics on

Our open data strategy

Better data sharing can generate new insights, stimulate new ideas and deliver potential savings to the public sector. The Policy Exchange estimated that making public sector data more open could save the UK more than £16 billion.

Our Open Data Strategy sets out our ambition for making data held by the public sector more available for others to use and reuse.

Investing in research and innovation

Our open data platform will help Scotland become recognised as an attractive place to use data for research and innovation.

We are delivering a series of projects and a skills programme with Datalab, which will develop the data analytics skills of the existing workforce and increase the number of new data scientists. Datalab were set up with a £11.3 million grant from the Scottish Funding Council.

There has been significant investment in data research across Scotland, including:

Protecting public data

We want to make sure that data is used for public benefit. We are a member of the Scottish Informatics and Linkage Collaboration, which places public trust at the heart of its work.

We are working to improve governance around data sharing, by assessing all secure, legal and ethical considerations. We will use the insights gained from the UK Government's Digital Economy Bill to further support Scotland's data ambitions.