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  1. consultation responses

    12 Jul 2017

    Independent Living Fund: consultation responses

    Responses regarding the future use of resources devolved following the UK Government’s decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

  2. consultation responses

    12 Jul 2017

    Independent Living Fund Working Group: report and recommendations

    Final report of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) Working Group, containing recommendations on opening up the fund to new users.

  3. news

    20 Feb 2017 00:01

    Jobcentre Plus closures

    Future of Scottish sites to be discussed.

  4. news

    6 Jan 2017 10:50

    Funding for housing projects

    Grants of £1.65m to help homeless and vulnerable people.

  5. news

    2 Dec 2016 09:30

    Transforming the lives of disabled people

    Disability Delivery Plan is published.

  6. news

    25 Oct 2016 09:32

    Review of student support

    Jayne-Anne Gadhia to chair review group.

  7. publication

    3 Jun 2015

    Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

    Plan identifying priority actions agreed upon by housing sector representatives to ensure we are able to deliver the objectives set out in our housing strategies.

  8. advice and guidance

    21 Oct 2014

    Older People's Housing Strategy: Delivery Plan

    The implementation plan for our National Strategy for Housing for Older People.

  9. correspondence

    1 Mar 2013

    Adapting for Change report: Scottish Government's response

    Our response to the Adaptations Working Group's Adapting for Change report.

  10. advice and guidance

    19 Dec 2012

    National Strategy for Older People: group structure diagram

    Diagram showing groups that worked on our National Strategy for Older People.

  11. advice and guidance

    12 Dec 2012

    Adapting for Change: the Adaptations Working Group's final report

    The Group's report on developing a person-centred approach to housing adaptations.

  12. advice and guidance

    12 Dec 2012

    Adaptations Working Group Paper: Planning Ahead

    Examines self-help and planning ahead in relation to home adaptations and improvements.

  13. advice and guidance

    11 Oct 2012

    Private retirement housing: code of practice

    Our resource promoting best practice in private retirement housing.