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Human trafficking

Trafficking human beings is an appalling abuse of human rights.

We are making sure that it is recognised, recorded and punished, and victims get the help and support they need.


We are:


Trafficking can involve victims being sexually exploited or forced into the role of a servant, or trapped in forced labour, with nail bars, car washes and construction amongst the industries where potential cases in Scotland have been reported.

Figures from the National Crime Agency show there were 150 potential victims of trafficking identified in Scotland in 2016.

For information on the signs of human trafficking or to report concerns visit the Modern Slavery Helpline

Bills and legislation

The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act (Scotland) 2015 clarified, strengthened and brought together the existing laws on human trafficking

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 improved support and protection for victims, helped law enforcement target perpetrators and made sure those involved can be punished. The Act covers England and Wales, but some parts apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Archived content

See our archive if you are looking for older content on human trafficking.


If you have any concerns regarding alleged human trafficking or criminal activity in your area, use the following details:

Email the Police Scotland National Human Trafficking Unit:

Modern Slavery Helpline:

In an emergency situation you should always phone 999 or for non-emergencies 101.

The Scottish Government contact details should not be used for the purposes of reporting crime and your email will not be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

Human Trafficking policy team

Phone: 0131 244 2693

Human Trafficking Team
St Andrew’s House