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Maternal and infant nutrition survey

After the UK Infant Feeding Survey was discontinued, we decided to carry out a maternal and infant nutrition survey for Scotland. Our aim with this survey was to gather data that would:

  • inform the work of early years organisations
  • design and implement effective nutritional support for families
  • improve the health of Scotland's children and pregnant women

Issuing the survey

Between March and July 2017, questionnaires were issued to pregnant women and mothers with babies at three different stages :

  • during pregnancy
  • when the baby was between eight and 12 weeks old
  • when the baby was between eight and 12 months old

The survey gathered quantitative data not available from other sources on:

  • maternal nutrition at preconception
  • maternal nutrition during pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • infant feeding
  • wider health behaviours

Expected outcomes

Closely aligned to the Scottish Government's Maternal and Infant Nutrition (MIN) Framework (2011) and related maternity and neonatal policies, the survey data will enable us to:

  • compare data trends in some areas
  • review current policy
  • review our progress
  • support and commission future research
  • develop future policy

In providing more robust and localised information associated with the Maternal and Infant Nutrition Framework, the data will give NHS boards the evidence required to set targets and indicators and to measure outcomes.

The survey's findings will be published in early 2018.