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Getting Scotland walking

The Scottish Household Survey indicates that walking is by far the most popular form of physical activity undertaken, with more than 55% of Scottish people having taken a half-hour walk for recreational purposes.

For this reason, we are focusing on promoting and encouraging walking as a way of getting people to be more active.

National Walking Strategy

The National Walking Strategy launched in 2014 contained recommendations from a working group on how to create a walking culture in Scotland.

We provide £1.2 million funding per year to Paths for All to take forward the strategy.

Paths for All is delivering the strategy via the step change website that sets out details of the Walking Strategy Action Plan and the Forum helping to deliver it.

Daily Mile

Elaine Wyllie, the head teacher at St Ninian's School in Stirling, created the Daily Mile initiative to get all the children at her school walking, jogging or running for 15 minutes every school day.

The idea caught on and, in November 2015, our Education and Health Secretaries wrote to all primary schools in Scotland to encourage them to introduce the Daily Mile too.

We aim to make Scotland the world's first 'Daily mile nation' with a roll-out to all nurseries, schools, colleges and universities.

More information can be found on the Daily Mile website.