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Framework for fair access

An online toolkit and community of practice are being developed to help access practitioners plan and evaluate new ways of helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds access higher education.

The Scottish Framework for Fair Access is being designed for use by schools, colleges, universities and the third sector.

It will provide evidence and advice and highlight best practice by identifying activities that are making the most impact. It is expected to be launched in 2018.

The framework is being developed in response to recommendations contained in a 2016 report by the Commission on Widening Access: A Blueprint for Fairness.

Work to develop the framework is being led by the Commissioner for Fair Access who has set up a Framework for Fair Access Development Group to produce a first version.

The framework will:

  • showcase best practice in research and evaluation
  • disseminate research and evidence to define the most effective access interventions
  • support the development of new activities and regional collaborations and the enhancement of existing interventions
  • help to build evaluation capacity within the sector, identifying the minimum standards of monitoring and evaluation that should be embedded in all major access programmes
  • articulate and share practitioner knowledge and best practice

It will cover the entire learner journey, from early years to adult returners, and include awareness-raising, admissions, retention, progression and outcomes.

The framework will not be a kitemarking tool but it will highlight what works.

In addition to the toolkit, the framework will provide places and spaces for collaboration, professional development and reflective practice.

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