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GMS contract: 2018

Published: 13 Nov 2017
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Health and social care

This document is intended primarily to provide an accessible explanation to Scotland’s GPs of the changes we propose to effect in regulations.

33 page PDF


33 page PDF


GMS contract: 2018

33 page PDF



BMA – the British Medical Association, the registered trade union for doctors in the United Kingdom.

CQL – Cluster Quality Lead, a General Practitioner appointed by a National Health Service Board to coordinate a cluster.

EMG – Expert Medical Generalist, a General Practitioner when they are performing those General Practitioner roles and duties only a General Practitioner can do.

GMC – General Medical Council.

GMS – General Medical Services, the range of healthcare services that is provided by general practitioners under a General Medical Services contract with an National Health Service Board.

GMS contract – the national Scottish General Medical Services contract entered into under section 17J of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978.

GP – General Practitioner, a doctor specialising in primary care and registered in the General Practitioner Register of the General Medical Council.

GP partner (as opposed to a General Practitioner) – a Partner in a General Medical Services or 17C medical services practice.

GPN – General Practice Nursing.

HIS – Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

HSCP – Health and Social Care Partnership, the organisations formed as part of the integration of services provided by National Health Service Boards and Councils in Scotland.

IA – Integration Authority. Statutory body resposible for the planning design and commissioning of primary care services in Scotland.

LMC – Local Medical Committee, the local committees of the British Medical Association representing general practitioners.

MDT – multi-disciplinary team, where primary care professionals work as an integrated team.

NHS – National Health Service.

PMS – Primary Medical Services.

PQL - Practice Quality Lead, the General Practitioner quality leadership role in practice.

PSD – Practitioner Services, the division of National Health Service National Services Scotland which, among other roles, processes payments for practices.

QOF – Quality and Outcomes Framework.

RCGP – Royal College of General Practitioners, the professional body for General Practitioners.

2004 Contract – the national General Medical Services contract prepared in accordance with the rules set out in The National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

SAF – the Scottish Allocation Formula.

SGPC – the Scottish General Practitioners’ Committee of the British Medical Association.

TQA – Transitional Quality Arrangements.