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Inshore mackerel consultation: analysis report

Published: 10 Apr 2018
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Marine and fisheries

Summary analysis of responses received by the Inshore Mackerel Fishery consultation which closed 13 December 2017.

18 page PDF


18 page PDF


Inshore mackerel consultation: analysis report
Annex 1 Consultation Questions

18 page PDF


Annex 1 Consultation Questions

Question 1

Do you agree that the mackerel allocations for 10mu non-sector pool fishery should continue?

Question 2

Do you agree that the current allocation (1000 tonnes) for the North Sea stock is the right amount?

Question 3

Do you agree that the additional allocation (300 tonnes) for the western stock should be reduced to 50 tonnes?

Question 4

Do you agree with the arrangements for the current quota allocation pools for the NS mackerel stock? i.e. managing pots of quota discreetly by ports of administration?

Question 5

Do you think that the allocation shares between these pools should change?

Question 6

Do you agree with the Scottish Government's proposal to establish handline mackerel as a fishery open to all 10mu licences and therefore remove all Handline Mackerel Entitlements from licences?

Question 7

Should all non-sector vessels (under and over 10m in length) have access to the inshore mackerel fishery?