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Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2015-2016

Published: 27 Apr 2017
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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Farm business level estimates of average incomes for the accounting year 2015 to 2016, which relates to the 2015 crop year.

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52 page PDF

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Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2015-2016
Methodology Note

52 page PDF

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Methodology Note

Estimates of average farm income in Scotland come from the Farm Business Survey ( FBS, previously known as the Farm Accounts Survey ( FAS)) for Scotland, which is based on a sample of 500 farms. The FBS sample is stratified by farm type, and size.

The survey does not currently include farms predominantly engaged in horticulture, poultry or pig production. The coverage of the survey is restricted to those farms which have considerable economic activity (at least 25,000 Euros of output) and are not considered as part-time farms (have a Standard Labour Requirement ( SLR) of more than 0.5). Therefore, some survey findings may not necessarily apply to the whole of the agriculture industry.

Farm typology has been amended since 2014 and farms are now classified by standard outputs ( SOs) rather than standard gross margins ( SGMs). The 2015-16 data has been calculated using 2010 SO coefficients.

Time series in this report are presented in 2015-16 prices, unless stated otherwise. In line with methodologies throughout the UK and standard methodologies within the European Commission ( EC) this is now done using the Office for National Statistics ( ONS) GDP deflator (implicit price deflator for gross domestic product).

More details on the methodology, quality of the FBS and results are available online in the methodology and quality note. More detailed data tables are also available online, from the Agriculture Statistics website.


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