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Publication - Consultation Paper

Clinical Trial Access quality performance indicator: consultation

Published: 3 Jul 2017
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Health and social care

Consultation on the effectiveness of the Clinical Trial Access quality performance indicator (QPI) as part of the National Cancer QPIs.

20 page PDF


20 page PDF


Clinical Trial Access quality performance indicator: consultation
4. Format of the Quality Performance Indicators

20 page PDF


4. Format of the Quality Performance Indicators

QPIs are designed to be clear and measurable, based on sound clinical evidence whilst also taking into account other recognised standards and guidelines.

  • Each QPI has a short title which will be utilised in reports as well as a fuller description which explains exactly what the indicator is measuring.
  • This is followed by a brief overview of the evidence base and rationale which explains why the development of this indicator was important.
  • The measurability specifications are then detailed; these highlight how the indicator will actually be measured in practice to allow for comparison across NHS Scotland.
  • Finally a target is indicated, this dictates the level which each unit should be aiming to achieve against each indicator.

In order to ensure that the chosen target level is the most appropriate and drives continuous quality improvement as intended it will be kept under review and revised as necessary, when baseline data or further evidence becomes available.

Rather than utilising multiple exclusions, a tolerance level has been built into the QPI. It is very difficult to accurately measure patient choice, as well as eligibility for trials due to co-morbidities and patient fitness levels, therefore the target level has been set to account for these factors. In addition, there may be a lack of available trials recruiting during the specific period of reporting, or studies may be available that do not meet the approval criteria for inclusion noted in Section 5.


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