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Relaxation of planning controls for digital communications infrastructure: consultation responses

Published: 25 May 2017
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Building, planning and design, Economy, Research

Analysis of responses to public consultation on digital infrastructure (e.g. phone masts, street cabinets and antennas).

32 page PDF


32 page PDF


Relaxation of planning controls for digital communications infrastructure: consultation responses
Class 67 General Conditions

32 page PDF


Class 67 General Conditions

Q2 - Do you agree with the proposed update to the general conditions for Class 67 PD rights? (Yes - 24 , No - 4 )

Respondent Group Yes No Comments only No Answer/ Comment Total
Industry 5 1 6
Planning Authority 9 1 10
Govt & Agencies 2 2 4
Heritage Bodies 4 1 2 7
Individuals 3 2 5
Other 2 4 6
Total 25 2 2 9 38

9. Most respondents, across the groups, agreed with the update to the general conditions. It was felt that they are in line with current practice and not controversial, and that they provided clarity and safeguards. The removal of the prior approval requirement in emergencies, removal of redundant equipment, restoration of land, and clarification on conditions and timescales were all welcomed. This latter point was raised by 'Heritage Bodies' both for and against the update to the general conditions - it was mentioned that there should be more clarity.

10. Those who disagreed cited issues with the prior approval process and the related workload, indicating the burden on the planning system would not be removed. While the restoration of land and buildings was welcomed by 'Heritage Bodies', there was some argument that the approach could raise issues, and, instead of restoring to these to their previous condition, land and buildings should be restored to a plan or statement agreed by the planning authority (the consultation proposed that it had to be one or the other).


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