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Corporate spending cards: 2016 to 2017

Published: 29 Nov 2017

Scottish Government spending on electronic purchasing (ePC) and travel and subsistence (T&S) cards.

Card type No of transactions No of cards used Average spend per transaction Total spend (2016 to 2017)
Electronic purchasing card (ePC) 33,870 491 £96 £3,244,321
Travel and subsistence (T&S) 1,796 54 £35 £62,959
Total spend: ePC and T&S £3,307,208

In addition to the annual summary data, we also publish details of all monthly ePC spend over £500.

Information on ePC policy and operating arrangements can be found on the website.

Archived summary data

See the website archive for pre-2015 corporate spending card summary data.

29 Nov 2017
Corporate spending cards: 2016 to 2017