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Publication - Consultation Responses

Councillors' Code of Conduct: analysis of consultation responses

Published: 29 Jun 2017
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Responses to consultation on possible amendments to the Councillors' Code of Conduct regarding provisions on conflicts of interest.

21 page PDF


21 page PDF


Councillors' Code of Conduct: analysis of consultation responses
Annex 1: Consultation questions

21 page PDF


Annex 1: Consultation questions

Q1 Do you agree or disagree that the Councillors' Code of Conduct be amended so that councillors who have been nominated or appointed by their councils to membership of a Regional Transport Partnership can take part in discussion or decision taking on matters of a quasi-judicial or regulatory nature in which that body has an interest? [Agree/Disagree]

Q3 If you agree - How should the amendment be worded? [Open comment]

Q4 If you disagree please explain why you do so. [Open comment]

Q4 If you agree - should that amendment apply to all public bodies, not just RTPs? [Yes/No]

Q5 If you have answered no please explain why. [Open comment]

Q6 We would also ask if respondents have any other comments or suggestions about the provisions of the Code on declarations of interest as regards councillors who are also members of other bodies. [Open comment]


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