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Draft climate change plan: draft third report on policies and proposals 2017-2032

Published: 19 Jan 2017
Energy and Climate Change Directorate
Part of:
Environment and climate change

Draft of the climate change plan, the third report on proposals and policies (RPP3) for meeting Scotland’s annual greenhouse gas emissions targets.

175 page PDF

1.9 MB

175 page PDF

1.9 MB

Draft climate change plan: draft third report on policies and proposals 2017-2032
Part two

175 page PDF

1.9 MB

Part two

The following eight chapters set out how each sector will meet their respective carbon envelopes through the implementation of policies and proposals. Each chapter follows the same structure and includes all the information relating to that sector. The chapters contain the following information:

  • Context: describes the historical emissions for the sector and the key characteristics of the sector.
  • Ambition: describes the long-term change required of each sector and includes milestones for both 2020 and 2030 and a description of 2050.
  • Policies and proposals: sets out how the package of policies and proposals will deliver the policy outcomes required to remain within the emissions envelope. Relevant definitions are given in text box 1.1 in Part one of this document.
  • Progress since RPP2: describes progress towards implementing proposals and policies set out in earlier reports.
  • Wider impacts: outlines the significant co-benefits and possible adverse side effects of the polices and proposals.


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