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Publication - Consultation Paper

Students' financial support: consultation

Published: 30 Jun 2017
Part of:

A consultation seeking the views on current financial support for students in Scotland.

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8 page PDF


Students' financial support: consultation
B. About the Student Support Review

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B. About the Student Support Review

This independent review was announced in the Scottish Government's 'Programme for Government' on 6 September 2016. The scope is to assess the effectiveness of the current system of student support for all students engaged in further education (which is all post-secondary education below Higher National Certificate ( HNC) level) and higher education (which is HNC and above, including all undergraduate university courses) and make recommendations for beneficial change. This review complements the work of the Commission on Widening Access and other work underway to review the Learner Journey for 15-24 year olds.

The scope includes:

  • review of financial student support to ensure that the entire system is firmly focused on meeting the needs of all students in colleges and universities;
  • consideration of how student support meets the needs of the students from the poorest backgrounds and the most vulnerable; and
  • ensuring all students can access a fair and effective package of appropriate support.

This review will not consider how tuition fees are paid for or conduct a detailed examination of wider non-financial forms of student support.

The Review Board has met seven times since its inception and the initial part of the review has concentrated on evidence gathering including a YouGov survey and student focus groups. Various working groups led by expert stakeholders continue to consider the underlying challenges faced and opportunities that exist.


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