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Publication - Consultation Paper

Hate crime legislation independent review: consultation (easy-read)

Published: 31 Aug 2017
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Law and order

Easy-read version of consultation to inform the independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland, chaired by Lord Bracadale.

32 page PDF


32 page PDF


Hate crime legislation independent review: consultation (easy-read)
Offensive behaviour at football

32 page PDF


Offensive behaviour at football

police officer and the law

In 2012 the government brought in a law which made a new offence to cover offensive behaviour at football matches.

football player

The government wanted to send a clear message to football fans and the public that some kinds of behaviour at football matches is unacceptable.

football fan singing

For example, singing songs and waving banners against Catholics or Protestants or in support of the Irish Republican Army ( IRA) or the Ulster Volunteer Force ( UVF).

football referee showing red card

There had been a lot of bad behaviour connected to football.

The government thought that having a new offence would stop this type of behaviour.

person shrugging shoulders

Some people say the law is not clear and unfairly targets football supporters.

football stadium

Some people say that the football clubs should be able to deal with this behaviour themselves, and that really bad behaviour is already covered by other laws.

law book with red cross over it

At the moment Parliament is thinking about whether the Act should be scrapped.

Question 7

people debating question

Do you think that singing songs like that or waving offensive banners or making gestures should be a criminal offence?

Yes / No

person thinking of answer to question

If so, what kind of behaviour should be criminalised?

booklet titled 'Policy'

Football clubs have to agree to control their fans.

Some clubs think that it would be helpful if they could ask the court to ban fans who have behaved badly from attending matches.

This is called a football banning order.

Question 8

people debating question

Do you think a football club should be able to apply to the court for a football banning order?

Yes / No

person thinking of answer to question

Please tell us why?


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