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Publication - Minutes

Online Identity Assurance Programme Board papers: 23 May 2018

Published: 24 May 2018
Date of meeting: 23 May 2018
Location: St Andrew's House, Edinburgh

Agenda, Amended Remit and Terms of Reference, Findings from Service Design Research, Updated Programme Plan and Communications Update.

Items and actions

1 Welcome and Introductions Colin Cook
2 Note and Actions from First Meeting, Paper: First Meeting Minutes Colin Cook
3 Amended Remit and Terms of Reference, Paper: OIAPB-04 – Amended Remit and Terms of Reference Gavin Ross
4 Discovery Outputs
4.1 Outputs from the Discovery Research, Paper: OIAPB-05 – Highlights from the Technical Discovery Reports, Paper: OIAPB-06 – Findings from Service Design Research Gavin Ross, Mike Crockart
4.2 Expert Group advice on the discovery outputs Gavin McLachlan
4.3 Discussion Colin Cook
5 Updated Programme Plan and Moving towards Alpha, Paper: OIAPB-07 – Updated Programme plan Susie Braham
6 Communications Update, Paper: OIAPB-08 – Communications Update Ross Clark
7 Next steps Colin Cook
7.1 Date of Next Meeting
7.2 Action points
7.3 AOB

Service Design Discovery Insights.pdf

27 page PDF

Service Design Seven Easy Steps.pdf

1 page PDF

Technical Solution Characteristics.pdf

26 page PDF

Technical Architecture Principles.pdf

31 page PDF

Technical Preparation for Alpha Phase.pdf

17 page PDF

Technical Programme Glossary.pdf

3 page PDF



24 May 2018
Online Identity Assurance Programme Board papers: 23 May 2018