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Onshore wind: policy statement

Published: 20 Dec 2017
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The onshore wind policy statement sets out our position on onshore wind.

27 page PDF


27 page PDF


Onshore wind: policy statement
Onshore Wind Policy Statement

27 page PDF


Onshore Wind Policy Statement

The Scottish Government published a draft Onshore Wind Policy Statement ( OWPS) in January 2017.

Our aim was to obtain the views of as many organisations, groups and individuals as possible and to help inform and shape our understanding of the issues raised by onshore wind power. It included proposals designed to help to maintain the contribution that we expect this mature form of generation to continue to make.

The consultation elicited a wide range of comments and views, for which the Scottish Government is extremely grateful. The responses reflected the extent to which onshore wind can be the subject of strong and diverse views, ranging from the value and importance of its current and future contribution, to its suitability in particular areas.

WHY Research undertook an analysis of the consultation responses, which can be viewed

Our draft OWPS raised questions and invited views in the following areas:

  • Route to Market
  • Repowering
  • Strategic Approaches to New Development
  • Barriers to Deployment
  • Protection for Residents and the Environment
  • Community Benefits
  • Shared Ownership

This final version of the Scottish Government's Onshore Wind Policy Statement revises and supersedes the draft statement published in January 2017. It reflects the considered views of Scottish Ministers, based on their assessment of consultation feedback.