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Places, people and planning: update on proposal 2

Information on the background, progress to date and next steps relating to proposal 2 from the Places, People and Planning Consultation and Position Statement: Regional partnership working.

Proposal 2: Regional partnership working

We believe we can streamline the development plan system by replacing the duty to prepare strategic development plans and refocusing work at this scale so that it can support wider regional partnership working.

Why we are making a change

We want to strengthen strategic planning and create an approach which is tailored to Scotland's unique scale and circumstances. To do this, we need to ensure strategic planning links with wider regional partnership working across Scotland, for example in relation to transport and economic development. Greater collaboration at this scale will be achieved by moving from the current focus on preparing statutory plans to actively co-ordinating infrastructure investment and development delivery at this scale.

What we are doing

  • Setting out more flexible, but clearly defined duty for local authorities working together at this scale in relation to the National Planning Framework.
  • This aims to ensure that local authorities can work individually and in partnership with others to provide evidence and analysis in relation to issues with a cross-boundary dimension including infrastructure delivery and housing.
  • This will allow any area of Scotland to undertake strategic planning where it will add value and in a way which is sufficiently flexible to allow partnerships to respond to, and build on, local circumstances and relationships.
  • Research - Work to support the Infrastructure Delivery Group, commencing in 2017.
  • Ongoing liaison with existing strategic development plan teams and others.Continue to link with wider Scottish Government initiatives, including the National Transport Strategy Review, Strategic Transport Projects Review and Enterprise and Skills Review.

How we will deliver change

  • primary legislation – This is included in the Planning Bill
  • secondary legislation – to be confirmed
  • guidance – yes



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Area 2-H (South)
Planning and Architecture Division
The Scottish Government
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29 Sep 2017
Places, people and planning: update on proposal 2