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Scotland's Agenda for Cities

Published: 8 Mar 2016
Economic Development Directorate
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Scotland's Agenda for Cities sets out the Scottish Government’s strategic framework for its future interaction with Scotland’s cities.

30 page PDF

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30 page PDF

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Scotland's Agenda for Cities

30 page PDF

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Scotland's cities, together with their regions, are home to some two-thirds of our national economy and over half our population. If our cities and their regions thrive, all Scotland will benefit.

The Agenda for Cities was published in 2011, with a lifespan of over 10 years to deliver its ambitions. With the refresh of Scotland's Economic Strategy, the advent of City Region Deals in Scotland and the maturing of the Scottish Cities Alliance, this is the right time for a mid-point review. In the context of significant progress since 2011, this refreshed Agenda for Cities sets out the Scottish Government's strategic framework for its future interaction with Scotland's cities.

Throughout this document there are examples of the achievements and highlights of the past four years.

In 2011 we said we would: In 2016 we now have in place:
  • Build strong partnerships that are focused on developing collaborative programmes of scale that will attract investment and create jobs across all our city regions
  • Scottish Cities Alliance
  • City Region Deal Partnerships in Glasgow and Aberdeen with more in development
  • Develop innovative ways of accessing finance, levering investment into our cities, delivering infrastructure investment and enhancing a sense of place
  • £10 billion Cities' Investment Prospectus
  • New engagement with Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Collaborative work to access EU funds
  • Growth Accelerator funding of enabling infrastructure in Edinburgh and Dundee

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