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Summary of Community Planning Partnerships' (CPPs) Early Years Change Fund returns (2012-2015)

Published: 14 Sep 2016
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Impact evaluation of the Early Years Change Fund, as recorded by Community Planning Partnerships' in their annual returns (2012-2015).

63 page PDF


63 page PDF


Summary of Community Planning Partnerships' (CPPs) Early Years Change Fund returns (2012-2015)

63 page PDF



The Early Years Change Fund included both existing and new funds. Guidance from the Scottish Government [3] set out the minimum agreed Early Years Change Fund contributions from Scottish Government, Local Government and NHS Scotland. The minimum contributions or 'planned investment' is outlined in the table below:

Early Years Change Fund Planned Investment

  2012/13 £m 2013/14 £m 2014/15 £m 2015/16 Total £m
Scottish Government 11.5 15.25 17.25 8.5 52.5*
Health 36 39 42   117
Local Government 20 35 50   105
Total         274.5

*The Scottish Government funding was supplemented by £2.5 million from Positive Futures core funding; therefore the planned investment was higher than those outlined in the Change Fund guidance.

The Early Years Change Fund Return asked CPPs to provide details of spend for specific early years activities:

  • Scottish Government Early Years Change Fund funding:
    • Family Support
    • Looked After 2 year olds
  • Health/ NHS Early Years Change Fund funding:
    • Child Healthy Weight Interventions
    • Childsmile
    • Healthy Start
    • Infant Nutrition and Maternity Services
    • Family Nurse Partnership
  • Local government change fund funding

The returns template in 2012/13 included space for the CPPs to detail the resources available to partnerships for investment in Early Years through both current and projected resource allocation for 2012 to 2015.

In 2013/14 the template was amended to allow the CPPs to provide information on each programme under each of the funding sources (Scottish Government, NHS and local government) and asked for details on both actual spend and outcomes.

This format was continued in the 2014/15 template.


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