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Innovation and Investment Hubs

We are establishing four Innovation and Investment Hubs in Dublin, London, Brussels and Berlin as part of wider work across government, partners and businesses to support trade, investment, innovation and inter-governmental relations with Europe. Primarily, they provide a platform for collaborative activity to increase exports and attract investment to Scotland.

Each Hub is different and tailored to the opportunities present in the market in which it is located. As well as promoting trade and inward investment, the Hubs also cover broader economic opportunities, including:

  • promoting Scotland's research, innovation, industrial, social and cultural strengths
  • building diplomatic government-to-government relations
  • pursuing cultural collaborations
  • exploring collaborative research and innovation opportunities

While Dublin and London are fully operational, Brussels is currently transitioning into a Hub from being a Scottish Government/Scotland Europa operation, and Berlin is not yet operational.

The Hubs complement Scotland's existing overseas presence, via our international offices.


Our first Innovation and Investment Hub, in Dublin, was launched in October 2016 to serve as our representation in Ireland. It provides dedicated support for building on the pre-existing links between Ireland and Scotland.

The Dublin Hub aims to bring together us and our agencies, as well as public and private partners, to:

  • promote trade and investment links
  • strengthen government-to-government relations
  • enable greater collaboration on economic, academic and innovation projects

The Dublin Hub arranges and assists with trade missions, ministerial visits, and government-to-government conversations at an official level. It also links up Scottish and Irish businesses that might be interested in events or opportunities in either country. The Dublin Hub works across a range of sectors, including financial services, creative arts, culture and heritage, and renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Our London Innovation and Investment Hub, named Scotland House London, operates as a collaborative project between us, our enterprise agencies and VisitScotland.

Scotland House provides a permanent presence in London from which to:

  • pursue economic and business benefits for businesses
  • raise the profile of Scottish investment opportunities
  • support the development of international collaborations and research partnerships
  • provide opportunities to secure funding for innovation and research
  • strengthen our inter-governmental relations
  • help protect Scotland's place in Europe

Scottish businesses and organisations can apply for membership of Scotland House London that gives them access to its facilities, meeting rooms and event space.

Visit the Scotland House London website


While the Brussels Hub is not yet operational, Scotland has had extensive representation in Brussels for more than 25 years. Scotland Europa has been based in Brussels since 1992, supporting its members – including Scottish academic institutions, businesses, wider public and third sector organisations – in accessing European funding opportunities; influencing EU developments; and increasing the visibility and profile of Scottish organisations in Europe.

The Scottish Government EU Office was established in Brussels in 1999 to ensure that Scotland's interests, expertise and ambition are understood by European Institutions and other Member States and Regions.

Work is now underway to capitalise on our existing experience in Brussels and to consolidate and co-ordinate activity to maximise the economic, cultural and diplomatic benefits that the Brussels Hub can deliver. Its work will be critical throughout Brexit negotiations and beyond.


The Berlin Hub is not yet operational, but future updates on its status will appear on this page.