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Local Governance Review

We want to devolve more power to more local levels.

The Local Governance Review will consider how powers, responsibilities and resources are shared across national and local spheres of government, and with communities.

We are inviting people to join a conversation about community decision-making, called Democracy Matters. The conversation will take place over a period of 6 months, ending around November 2018. What we hear will help to inform new legislation.

At the same time, we will be working with our public sector partners, such as local councils, to consider if increasing the powers they hold could improve outcomes for people.

You can get involved by answering the questions contained in the consultation document: Democracy Matters - Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Future or join the conversation online.

We have also published the following supporting materials:

  • guide explaining how decisions about Scotland's public services are made
  • guide to help you hold a conversation in your community
  • guide to facilitating a good conversation

We have produced a short animation explaining what we are doing and how to get involved.

To help cover any costs associated with running community events you can apply to the Democracy Matters: Community Engagement Fund.

An easy-read version of the document will be available at the beginning of June.

To return your answers:

Please include a completed respondent information form with your response (word doc attachment).