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Local Governance Review

A nation with ambition - the Government's Programme for Scotland 2017-2018 set out the importance of empowering communities, large or small, to make more decisions for themselves. Our ambition is to place much greater control in the hands of the people who know best what a community needs: those who live or work in the community itself.

On 7 December 2017 the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, together with Cllr. Alison Evison, President of COSLA, launched the Local Governance Review. This process will involve everyone with an interest in an inclusive dialogue on the future of local democracy in Scotland.

The review brings a wide range of Scotland's public services into scope. This will include some of those powers and functions held at national level. We will work closely with the public, private and third sectors to explore what changes to decision-making arrangements can improve people's lives in different places across Scotland. However, the most important test of every change that is proposed will be what citizens themselves want to see happen.

The Review will hear as many different voices as possible by bringing the conversation out into local communities. The engagement process will run throughout 2018 with people's views being used to inform new legislation that will be introduced within the lifetime of this parliament.

Anyone who has ideas about how to open up the conversation as far and wide as possible, or about the type of changes they think should be part of the discussion, should contact the Local Governance Review team at