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Publication - Factsheet

Housing and Regeneration Programmes: system information

Published: 5 Jul 2017

Information about Housing and Regeneration Programmes (HARP), a web-based system to store consistent and accurate information about our housing programmes

Information about Housing and Regeneration Programmes System (HARP)

What is HARP?

Housing and Regeneration Programmes (HARP) is a web-based system to store consistent and accurate information about our housing programmes.

Where do I get support?

Support will be available through the Business Champion/Super User Support Forum

Where can I get training?

Training and help documents are linked from this factsheet and you can read commonly-asked answers below. The documents are in pdf format but may require the zoom facility to be used in some cases to fully view the instructions. These help files can also be accessed from the Help Documents area once logged into HARP.

How do I create:

How do I submit and approve

What are the Regeneration processes?

(including creation, application, appraisal and finance)

What is the Adaptations process?

How do I use HARP standard reports?

How can I keep up to date with progress?

We will update this factsheet and continue to issue newsletters and ensure that their partner stakeholders are kept updated with progress through regular liaison meetings and correspondence.


Q. Why are the Grant Planning Target (GPT) and the Funding Offer Amount different and there is no warning message on HARP?

A. For projects other than adaptations, the GPT and Funding Offer will sometimes be different as the GPT is the annual budgeting figure and the funding offer is for the full project lifespan. If we were to put in a warning message here this would no doubt would appear often and be cumbersome for users.

Q. Does the system auto-select the appropriate SIMD % classification depending on the local authority area selected? This would be helpful to avoid user input error or inconsistencies.

A. No there is no interface with the SIMD website, but there is a link to the webpage that tells you how to identify which SIMD category is relevant for your project.

Q. What is the Address Field in Project Main Details used for?

A. This is the address of project, not the address of the applicant.
Q. What do the X Easting and Y Northings mean on Project Main Detail?

A. These fields allow the centre co-ordinate point of a multi-postcode housing development to be determined and also allow geographic co-ordinates of a development which as yet does not have a postcode to be recorded.

Q. What does the Slippage checkbox in Project Main Details refer to?

A. This is used for Strategic Local Programme Agreements where the project is to be included in the slippage programme – in other words, should an agreed priority become undeliverable then an agreed slippage project can be brought in.

Search function

Q. The quick search facility didn't work when trying to look for applications etc.?

A. The quick search can only be applied to the project number, prefixed with a T for projects from our legacy system, S for OMSE and Help to Buy or P for new HARP projects. We will be looking at developing this further in the future – the actual search facility provides the ability to build up searches within the system.

Q. Can I only enter a date in the Search function Date box next to the Value field?

A. No, this is a free text box too so you can add in other values. You need to click the Add button before you can run the search.


Q. It would be helpful if when inputting figures you could include a comma separator e.g. 20,000 and NOT 20000 (the comma separator is not a recognisable value in HARP at the moment).

A. Unfortunately HARP can't include commas but once a figure or amount is saved a comma separator is inserted.

Q. What is the maximum amount of words for any of the comment boxes?

A. The maximum word count varies but we ask that where comment boxes are used that the information is kept to a minimum. If more information than this is required we suggest you use the Supporting Document function within the project or application.

Q. Can individual attachments be deleted before submission if they've been attached in error?

A. Yes, supporting documents can be deleted until the submission has been approved.

Q. What are the worklists down the left-hand menu?

A. These are the sub-headings under each menu item. These relate to worklists that help users see what requires their action or the status of certain processes such as SHIPs.

Q. The Project List page is running off the screen but I have no scroll bar to be able to move across the page. How do I see all of the columns?

A. By clicking in a list and then using the arrow keys on your keyboard the users will then be able to scroll across to the edge of the screen and back.

Q. Why won't the system allow me to upload a .gif or .tif file?

A. The system does not allow files of type .gif or .tif to be uploaded. However the system does accept pdf and standard Microsoft type files. Users are asked that they scan in acceptable formats when uploading documents.


Q. The list of eligibility questions doesn't fully reflect the current People and Communities Fund pre-application eligibility checklist?

A. The Stage 1 process is being carried out via an off-HARP system. Please contact your local regeneration contact for more details.

For further help, access system hints and tips for general navigation/usability.


4 page PDF

Application Support.pdf

1 page PDF

System hints and tips.pdf

2 page PDF

Create an AHSP project.pdf

1 page PDF

Create a SHIP project.pdf

2 page PDF

Create an SLPA.pdf

2 page PDF

Create a Programme Agreement - new.pdf

2 page PDF

Create an AHSP acquisition application.pdf

4 page PDF

Create an AHSP tender application.pdf

9 page PDF

Create a housing project with no units.pdf

1 page PDF

Submit and approve a payment.pdf

4 page PDF

Submit and approve a receipt.pdf

1 page PDF

What are the regeneration processes.pdf

18 page PDF

What is the adaptations process.pdf

9 page PDF

How to use HARP standard reports.pdf

3 page PDF
5 Jul 2017
Housing and Regeneration Programmes: system information