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Publication - Minutes

Joint Programme Monitoring Committee agenda: November 2016

Published: 23 Mar 2017
Location: St Andrews House, Edinburgh

Agenda and supporting documents from the November 2016 meeting of the Joint Programme Monitoring Committee (JPMC).

Items and actions


1. Minutes of the previous meeting and action log

For discussion

2. ESIF programmes performance against the partnership agreement
3. Verbal update on programmes: reports from RDOC, HITC, YEITC, social and civic partners
4. ESIF programmes risk register and issues log

For decision

5. EAFRD proposal for a modification to the operational programme
6. ERDF and ESF allocation of additional funds for Highlands and Islands
7. ERDF and ESF proposal for review
8. ERDF and ESF proposal for use of technical assistance

For information

9. EAFRD operational update
10. EMFF operational update
11. ERDF and ESF operational update
12. AOB
13. Date and time of next meeting

This agenda will be replaced by the minutes of the meeting once they've been approved at the next meeting, taking place on 14 June 2017.

JPMC - Meeting agenda.pdf

1 page PDF

Item 7 - ERDF and ESF proposal for review.pdf

3 page PDF

Item 9 - EAFRD operational update.pdf

27 page PDF
23 Mar 2017
Joint Programme Monitoring Committee agenda: November 2016