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Places, people and planning: update on proposal 8

Information on the background, progress to date and next steps relating to proposal 8 from Places, People and Planning Consultation and Position Statement: Improving public trust

Proposal 8. Improving public trust.

We believe that pre-application consultation can be improved, and there should be greater community involvement where proposals are not supported in the development plan. We also propose removing the fee exemption for repeat applications and improving planning enforcement.

Why we are making a change

To ensure that when people are contributing their own time when they get involved in planning, we use that time effectively. This is about ensuring that people get involved at the right time and that they feel their input has been worthwhile.

What we are doing

  • Research - Improvement, and barriers to improvement, of planning enforcement powers
  • We suggested a number of changes to improve trust in planning, including amended requirements for pre-application consultation (PAC) for major and national developments.
  • We suggested removing the opportunity for applicants to submit a revised or repeat application at no cost if an application is refused, withdrawn or if an appeal is dismissed.
  • We are bringing forward measures to strengthen enforcement powers.
  • The need for training in community engagement, involving not only planning authorities but also the development sector was highlighted.
  • We also believe that development plan schemes could be used to secure stronger and more locally tailored approaches to engagement.

How we will deliver change

  • primary legislation – This is included in the Planning Bill
  • secondary Legislation – yes
  • guidance – yes
  • non legislative action – yes

Next steps

The Planning Bill includes proposals to ensure the arrangements for pre-application consultation are appropriate and effective, and provisions to strenghten the enforcement powers of planning authorities.



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29 Sep 2017
Places, people and planning: update on proposal 8