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Digital public services

We are ensuring that Scotland's digital public services are high-quality, continually improving and responsive to citizens' needs.

Scotland's digital future: delivery of public services is our national digital public services strategy.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles are:

Putting citizens first

Directly engaging citizens in the design and delivery of digital public services.

Embracing shared approaches and technologies

Developing shared infrastructure, services and standards in collaboration with our public sector partners, to reduce costs and enable resources to be focused on front-line services.

Better use of data

Using data more effectively to support service design and encouraging public sector data owners to open up non-personal data for use across the public sector and beyond.

Building digital skills, capability and leadership

Ensuring the public sector has access to the digital skills and leadership required to achieve our shared goals.

Digital public sector assets

  • Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) provides a common digital infrastructure for more than 5,000 public sector sites and has generated savings of over £30 million
  • is evolving as a central point of access for simple and accessible public services and information, based on user needs
  • is the test version of the new corporate website
  • Rubric is the name of our purpose-built publishing platform, which powers and
  • myaccount is a single sign-in solution for secure and easy access to online local government and health services in Scotland. More than 130,000 individuals have now set up a myaccount online

Central Government Digital Transformation Service

We established the Central Government Digital Transformation Service (CGDTS) to help central government organisations develop their digital capabilities. The CGDTS promotes the core principles of reuse and collaboration in technology and skills. Functions of the CGDTS include:

  • developing digital strategies or reviewing existing digital strategies
  • developing digital business cases, often as an outcome of developing a digital strategy
  • supporting organisations in recruiting and growing digital talent

For more information contact the CGDTS at or on 0141 242 5912.

Standards and guidance

We created the Digital First Service Standard to help organisations meet the minimum standard required when transforming their citizen-facing services.

The Open Data Strategy and Open Data Resource Pack support public sector organisations in making their non-personal data accessible.

Our Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy sets out our vision for Scotland's public sector data hosting to be cost-effective, carbon-neutral and, where appropriate, cloud-based.

We offer additional guidance for organisations on cloud computing, virtualisation and colocation.

Our Green Digital Strategy provides guidance to help organisations achieve a cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient digital network.

Digital leadership

We launched the Digital Champions Programme, a cross-sector development programme for Scottish public sector leaders, in October 2013.

The programme is designed to give public sector leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence to champion digital technology within their organisations and to encourage innovative use of digital technology across public services in Scotland.

More than 120 public sector Directors and Chief Executives have participated in the programme in the first three years.

Digital innovation

We aim to drive digital innovation in the Scottish public sector. An example of this is the CivTech® pilot which is harnessing and applying the talents of indigenous digital tech companies to specific public sector challenges.

This aims to deliver better experiences for citizens and highlights to entrepreneurs that Scotland is a premier destination to set up and grow – in turn increasing the digital capability and reputation of Scotland.