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High hedge appeals: form and guidance

How to make a high hedge appeal.

You have the right to make a high hedge appeal to Scottish Ministers where:

  • you are the owner/occupier of the land where the hedge is situated
  • you are the owner/occupier of property affected by the hedge

And where the authority:

  • issues a high hedge notice
  • decides not to issue a high hedge notice
  • varies a high hedge notice
  • withdraws a high hedge notice
You have no right of appeal if the authority does not deem the hedge to be a "high hedge".

The attached guidance explains:

  • what the appeals process is
  • how to complete and submit your form
  • how to get in touch
  • how to submit documents to the DPEA electronically
An appeal must be made within 28 days of the date of the receipt of the authority's decision. Appeals made after this cannot be considered.

There is no fee for this type of appeal. Everybody who participates in the process is normally expected to cover their own expenses.

You can track the progress of your appeal online.

More information

This form and guidance relates to appeals made under:

A guide to planning appeals explains what can be appealed to ministers and provides context for our appeals forms.

high hedge appeal notes.pdf

9 page PDF

high hedge appeal form.pdf

4 page PDF

Electronic Best Practice.pdf

2 page PDF


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19 Apr 2016
High hedge appeals: form and guidance