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Action plans on cyber resilience

The importance of cyber resilience across Scotland's public, private and third sectors has never been greater. Digital technologies bring enormous opportunities for organisations, but they also bring new threats and vulnerabilities that we must manage.

We are working with partners to develop action plans to enhance cyber resilience for the public, private and third sectors.

Public sector - priority actions

The Public Sector Action Plan was published in November 2017. It aims to ensure that Scotland's public bodies work towards becoming exemplars of cyber resilience.

We're working in partnership with the National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board and public bodies to promote an aligned approach to work on cyber resilience. There is also an implementation toolkit to help public bodies with the integration of cyber resilience practices.

Learning and Skills Action Plan

Working with partners from across all sectors, the Scottish Government has developed a Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Action Plan which supports the development of cyber resilient behaviours amongst our population, but also helps to build a skilled and growing cyber security profession for Scotland.

Private sector and third sector action plans

We are currently developing action plans for the private sector and the third sector.

We believe the private sector must make progress towards establishing fundamental standards of cyber resilience that are in line with world-leading nations. This particularly applies to technical or cluster companies, who are expected to offer leadership for the rest of Scotland in this respect.

Key third sector organisations in Scotland are supported and encouraged to achieve standards of cyber resilience that are equivalent to those of public and private sector organisations. This is particularly the case where third sector organisations are delivering public services or dealing with sensitive personal data.

Economic Opportunity Action Plan

We also recognise the economic opportunities of building an innovative and thriving cyber security goods and services industry in Scotland. We are currently working with the enterprise agencies, ScotlandIS and others to develop an ambitious Economic Opportunity Action Plan that will map out the actions needed to develop and expand a cyber-tech cluster which, in turn, will contribute to growing Scotland's economy.