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Cyber resilience

The internet has made it faster and easier for us to do business, socialise and use key services. But we recognise that the internet brings risks as well, and to manage these we aim to build a culture of cyber resilience

As explained in our national digital strategy, Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world, we are working to make sure Scotland is a world leader in cyber resilience, with a global reputation for being a secure place to work, learn and do business.

Cyber resilience

Cyber resilience is being able to prepare for, deal with, rapidly recover and learn from deliberate attacks or accidental events in the online world. By building understanding of cyber risks and threats, we can take the appropriate measures to stay safe and get the most from being online.

Our main cyber resilience strategy sets out how we will focus on making sure:

  • our people and organisations can make the most of digital technologies safely
  • our public sectors are cyber resilient
  • we are capitalising on the global demand for cybersecurity services by supporting research and innovation
  • we develop a long term global reputation as a secure place to live, learn and do business

Our cyber resilience blog gives regular updates on our latest findings and actions.

Education and training

We are working with partners such as Education Scotland, Skills Development Scotland, UK Government and talent-spotting initiatives such as the Cyber Security Challenge UK, to make sure our supply of people with digital skills meet the demand in this fast-growing and crucial sector. Our work in this area includes developing the interest and ambition of our young people but also offering opportunities for retraining so that individuals can change careers.