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Review of Autism Network Scotland

Published: 15 Sep 2016
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Review to inform the development of any future Autism Network Scotland, or other strategic delivery partner.

49 page PDF


49 page PDF


Review of Autism Network Scotland
1 Introduction

49 page PDF


1 Introduction

1.1 This report presents the findings from the review of Autism Network Scotland.

Aims of the review

1.2 In November 2015, the Scottish Government commissioned Jennifer Waterton Consultancy to undertake a review of the Autism Network Scotland ( ANS). [1] ANS was established in 2012 as one of the implementation vehicles of the Scottish Strategy for Autism [2] , and is funded by the Scottish Government.

1.3 In the Invitation to Tender, the Scottish Government set out its requirement to 'take stock of the role of the ANS and consider its achievements and impacts to date to inform future decisions on the model and funding of such a network'. The purpose of the review was therefore to inform the development of any future ANS (or other such strategic delivery partner), in the context of a retendering exercise which it is anticipated will take place in 2016.

1.4 The aims of the review were to: (i) assess the impact of ANS to date (ii) conduct a 'light touch' health check of current governance and financial arrangements (iii) assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current model and iv) consider the future role of such a network, taking into account the needs of stakeholders and the new Scottish Government Outcomes Framework for Autism.

1.5 The objectives for the review were therefore both retrospective (relating to the role of ANS to date) and prospective (in relation to the development of a future network).

Structure of the report

1.6 The structure of the remainder of the report is as follows:

Chapter 2: Background and context
Chapter 3: Autism Network Scotland
Chapter 4: Approach and methods
Chapter 5: Findings
Chapter 6: Defining and measuring outcomes
Chapter 7: Conclusions

1.7 Annexes to the report present details of the activities of ANS ( Annex 1), details of the coverage of the documentary review and interviews ( Annex 2) and a list of all stakeholders who contributed to the report ( Annex 3).


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